Wookey's Sim Racing page : 1950 to 1982 Cars and Tracks from best Mods for F1 Challenge 99-02

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Established February 3rd, 2006
Last update : April 27th, 2015

Latest Bonus cars
1977 Apollon F1
1977 Marinho project
1976 Maki F1012
Bonus Car : 1935 Mercedes W25
Bonus Car 1977 March 761 2-4-0 v.1.1
1971/72 Lamplough BRM P133
Latest Mods
Official GFX 1978 race by race accurate + tracks
*NEW* GFX 1978 st-Dave_Luigi70 Special Edition
GFX 1977 race by race accurate + tracks
Luigi's 1962 Mod v 1.1
Luigi's 1961 Mod v 1.1
GFX 1976 V2.0 race by race accurate
TNT 1970 Race by Race Mod
1970 fix (revised)
Latest tracks
Old Estoril 14 KM Beta 3c
Car Park
1923 Terramar
2012 Mars
Goldcoast 600 2012 1.00 by Zolee145
Townsville 400 2012 1.00 by Zolee145
Pinevale 1.10 by R. Soul
Monza 1960's by Philrob
Spa 1960's by Philrob
2012 Abu Dhabi by WCP
2012 Shangai by Team China
2012 Albert Park by WCP
Mardel 2013 by Facundo Gaalella
Qatar by Gf1-87 (day)
Valbray by Fred65
Hunwel Park by Csepecz András
Latest utilities
Tutorial rfactor tracks to f1c
Lights conversion tutorial
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Wookey's Sim Racing page from 1950 to 1982

Cars and Tracks for F1 1950S, F1-Sixties,

F1-SEVEN & Pré-Turbo Mods

for F1 Challenge 99-02

Check Wookey's Simulation Forum

Available Seasons : 1950, (+some cars from 1951 to 59), 1964 to1969 in race by race, 1970, 1971 to 1975 in race by race, 1976 to 1982 : Work in Progress, partial releases

Tracks available : 400

Requests from friends

1966 to 1969 F2 racing the german GP

1976 and 1977 non qualifiers

1976 to 1978 non-qualifiers and non-championship events

1979 Kauhsen WK

1970's F5000 racing alongside F1 in non championship events

Work in Progress

1978 to 1980 : update at work

1981 and 82 : standalone to be issued, 1981 at rework for now

Tracks to improve

Historical :

see bottom of GFX section below

Fantasy :

Iron Mountain Still bad aiw

Pour partager un fichier, chargez le sur rapidshare, copiez le lien qui vous est donné et écrivez ici
Signalez moi aussi les liens manquants !
To send a file, upload it at rapidshare, then copy the link and email me here
Please report also any dead link !
Sur cette page, vous pouvez télécharger les fichiers et les circuits pour jouer ce Mod.

Ces versions sont des compilations de fichiers originaux et de décors modifiés. Merci à tous les auteurs. Les skins de voitures du trackpack sont inclus.

Sauf quand un readme.txt est présent, j'ai peu cité mes sources parce que je ne les connais pas toujours. Si quelqu'un veut raler, il a un mail ou le faire. S'ils veulent que je mentionne l'auteur, ce sera volontiers mais pour le moment je n'en connais que très peu...

Dès que j'ai mieux je le partage !

On this page, you will download tracks and other files related to the F1 SEVEN Mod.

These versions are compiled from tracks and sceneries from different authors. Thanks to all of them. Car skins from the trackpack are included.

If somebody is not pleased with what I share, he may e-mail me.I did give few credits, except when a readme.txt is present, because I do not always know who did what. If an author wants to be mentionned, Ill gladly do so, but at the moment I know very few of them.

As soon as I'll get better tracks or sceneries, I'll share !


Bonus Car : 1935 Mercedes W25


1950 Season by R&G + Tracks by Jalnervion + race by race by Wookey

1950 season

1950's champions mod by Luigi70 (1950 to 1959 top cars in one Mod)

Carset - 1950's Champions mod
1950's Drivers
1950's Physics
1950's seasondata
1950's new graphics
1950's update

New : BRM P25: + Porsche 718 (1959) + Bugatti T251 + 1951 Indy Ferrari + 1953_ Belgian Ferrari 500 F2 Berlin's version + 1959_Brm P25 Striling Moss's version

1950S Champions mod trackpack updated/fixed: by Jalnervion


F1 Sixities Mod by SamAlex (full credits inside) total race by race mode including all Championship races and a few NC events

Bonus Years 1965 and 64 : Initial work from SamAlex, additionnal cars by Luigi70, Physics by Jalnervion, drivers rcd by Valpaso, additional graphics by Wookey

Order of installation :
1966 , 1969 , 1967, 1968, 1965, 1964

Bonus Year 1965 : Main work from SamAlex, additionnal cars by Luigi70, Physics by Jalnervion, additional graphics by Wookey

Mod Base + 1966 season 1969 part 1 1967 part 1 1968 part 1 1965 Mod v 1.1 part 1 1964 Mod part 1 v1.2 (debugged)
  1969 part 2 1967 part 2 1968 part 2 1965 Mod v 1.1 part 2 1964 Mod part 2 v1.2
  1969 part 3   1968 part 3 1965 Mod v 1.1 part 3 1964 Mod part 3 v1.2
  1969 part 4     1965 Mod v 1.1 part 4  

Bonus car : 1965 Moskvitch G5 by Luigi70

Bonus car : 1968 Alpine A350 F1 project by Luigi70

Bonus car : 1969 Pininfarina Sigma Ferrari by Huunreh

Bonus car : 1969 Cosworth F1 4 wheel drive by Luigi70


TNT 1970 Race by Race Mod by "The Nameless Team" (Luigi70, d4nf1c, , Jalnervion, Wookey) with some car bases from CREW and SamAlex

1970 fix (revised)

CREW's F1-Seven (order of installation : 1975,1974,1971,1973,1972, 1970, 1976, 1977)

1972 is courtesy of CREW + "The Nameless Team" (Luigi70, Neiln1, OnMario, Jalnervion, Wookey)

CREW F1 Seven 1974 PT1 CREW F1 Seven 1975 PT1 CREW 1971 Car Set part 1 CREW 1973 Car Set part 1 CREW+TNT 1972 part 1
CREW F1 Seven 1974 PT2 CREW F1 Seven 1975 PT2 CREW 1971 Car Set part 2 CREW 1973 Car Set part 2 CREW+TNT 1972 part 2
CREW F1 Seven 1974 PT3 CREW F1 Seven 1975 PT3 CREW 1971 Car Set part 3 CREW 1973 Car Set part 3 CREW+TNT 1972 part 3
CREW F1 Seven 1974 PT4   1973 patch + lite version CREW+TNT 1972 part 4
CREW F1 Seven 1974 PT5 CREW+TNT 1972 part 5
CREW F1 Seven 1974 PT6 CREW+TNT 1972 part 6
CREW F1 Seven 1974 PT7 CREW+TNT 1972 part 7
CREW F1 Seven 1974 PT8 CREW+TNT 1972 part 8
        Patch 1972 + Patch 2 + Player Files 1972
F1 Seven GFX 1976 subMod V2.0 race by race accurate

F1-Seven Complete Track Package part 1
F1-Seven Complete Track Package part 2
F1-Seven Complete Track Package part 3

Unofficial 1979 Track-pack Beta version

Fictional Cars and template Files related to F1 Seven

Bonus cars   Cars from Michel Vailant Comics Skins
Matra 75 what-if Cars (based on Shadow DN7) 1975/76 Hill GH2 Cosworth Vaillante Cars 1974/75 Skin Lola-Hill
Berta F1 from 1975 (Argentinian DNA) 1977 Apollon F1 Leader Cars 74/75 (based on Lola) Skin Parnelli
Eagle 755 (F5000) 1977 Marinho project Princess Car from "Le Prince Blanc" Skin Helmet
1971/72 Lamplough BRM P133 1976 Maki F1012    

Formula 1 GFX Mod for F1C - F1 1977-1982 The Ground Effect Years

All cars are based on the work of CREW, Jr. Crew, Neiln1, Luigi70, On Mario, David Sabre, and Angar (USED WITH FULL PERMISSIONS)

Assisting with the cars: 2D designs from TeslaF1(1978 Lotus 79 Jarier)

All tracks Have Permissions from the original F1Seven TrackPack, Wookey, SamAlex, Neiln1, and Birkuc. Backdating and edits done by Neiln1 and On Mario. Additional Contributions from JALVERNION

Standalone GFX 1977 Mod race by race accurate + tracks

*NEW* GFX 1978 st-Dave_Luigi70 Special Edition

 Add-On Tracks

Miscellaneous Tracks adapted for F1 Seven

Tracks without links will be available when technical or legal issues are settled. Most of the time I could not find the author to ask him permission to share. If you want such a track : try to find initial author by searching the forums and ask him to contact me or give me his e-mail.

If Rapidshare advise you that a track is no longer available, please inform me by e-mail or at FacebookAll gdb files edited by myself to be compatible with F1-Seven. Some lod files added when missing. I'm not very good at that, feel free to delete if you do not like them.

Circuits Pays Commentaire author/converter Lien
A1-Ring Austria Historic F1 Track   download
Aardvark Fantaisie Historic F1 Track Bassguy/SamAlex Aardvark.rar
Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates 2009 F1 Track ???/Birkuc Abudhabi.rar
2012 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates 2012 F1 Track by WCP 2012 Abu Dhabi
Adelaide Australia Historic F1 Track   download
Adria Italie modern track between Padua and Venice   download
AF-RF1 Fantaisie Fantaisie Italienne sympa en 8   AF-RF1.rar
Ahvenisto Finland Real track with 14 turns see readme file/SamAlex Ahvenisto.rar
Aida Japon Historic F1 Track   download
1958 Ain Dhiab Maroc Historic F1 Track 1958 JALNERVION 1958 Ain Dhiab
Aintree England Historic F1 Track Motorfx download
Airbase Fantaisie sur une base aerienne   download
Albacete 3.0 Spain   Equipo 7 Albacete 3.0
Albert Park 04 Australia Historic F1 Track   download
2012 Albert Park     by WCP 2012 Albert Park
Albi France Historic F2 Track   download
Algarve Portugal Real Track ???/Birkuc Algarve.rar
Amaroo Australia   Sergioloro/SamAlex Amaroo
Anderstorp Sweden Historic F1 Track   Anderstorp
Anderstorp 7378 Sweden Historic F1 Track   Anderstorp7378
Antartica Fantasy Frozen Jalenrvion Antartica
Arena Fantaisie Futuristic, Rollerball-like Fantasy   download
Assen Nederland Motorbike classic track   download
Assen Short Nederland Shorter same   download
Austin Texas, USA Project of 2012 US GP Rizke & Birkuc Download
Autobahn Il, USA Permanent Track James Mabe /SamAlex Autobahn
Autopolis Japan Historic F1 Track Katsuo/SamAlex download
AviationPark     OzRacer /SamAlex Aviation-Park
Avus59 Germany Track of 1959 German GP 2 long straight one banking one hairpin Scott P. download
Avus9293 Germany another version of that track eSport-Racing/SamAlex Avus9293
Bagen     ???/SamAlex Bagen
Barcelona Espana Historic F1 Track   download
Bathurst Australia Mountainous spectacular track   download
Bedford England Permanent Track The Lonely/SamAlex Bedford
Bercy, Paris France Indoor Karting Madcowie/SamAlex Bercy, Paris
Bern Bremgarten Suisse Swiss GP 1950 to 1954 Bern GPL Club download
Bilbao 2005v1 Spain Street Circuit Jalnervion Bilbao 2005v1
Birmingham Al, USA Permanent Track in "sweet home, Alabama" Scott Juliano/SamAlex Birmingham
Blue Mountain Fantasy Permanent Track MrDutchDevil /SamAlex download
Botniaring Finland Real Track very far north of Europe Jka/SamAlex Botniaring
Brands Hatch 1950 England Historic track Rodrrico/Jalnervion Brands Hatch 1950
Brands Hatch 5971 England Historic F1 Track   download
Brands Hatch 7275 England Historic F1 Track   download
Brands Indy England National version   download
Brasilia Brazil 1974 Medici GP Jalnervion 1974 Medici GP
Bridgehampton USA Long Island, NY   Bridgehampton
Brno Czekia modern track not the city/road old one Sergioloro download
Brno 4963 Czekia The old city/road track behind the iron curtain Sergioloro/SamAlex download
Brno 65 Czekia The old city/road track behind the iron curtain Sergioloro Brno 65
Brooklands England Historic track Tundra/SamAlex download
Bryar USA small track situated near Loudun, NH   download
Budapest_88 Hongrie Historic F1 Track   download
Buddh 2011 India Modern F1 Track gf1-87/Jalnervion Buddh 2011
Buenos Aires Tck 6s Argentina Historic F1 Track 95-98   download 6s
Buenos Aires Tck 9 Argentina Historic F1 Track 72-73   download 9
Buenos Aires Tck12 Argentina Fast Layout Asuraniti & Arce download 12
Buenos Aires Tck 15 Argentina Historic F1 Track 74-81 MotorFx/SamAlex Buenos Aires15
Bull Run Fantaisie Fast and very fun road track, with some nice banked turns The Pits /SamAlex Bull Run
Cabo Negro Chile track is located in the city of Punta Arenas since the 70's MrOblongo/Jalnervion Cabo Negro
Cadwell Park England Litlle british Nurburgring   download
Calder Park Australia Permanent track PvtStash/Hugh Jarse/SamAlex Author Wanted
Caesars 8283       download
Calafat Spain Calafat (Spain) by Equipo 7 Equipo 7 Calafat
Calgary Canada Karting track Adriano Agusto/Slimjim/SamAlex Calgary
California     ???/SamAlex author searched
Canberra Australia City track   download
Car Park Fantaisie Very tight Fantasy Track Madcowie/SamAlex Car Park
CartBC     ???/SamAlex author searched
Cartagena Murcia, España Real track (beta state) Jalnervion Cartagena
Carthage36     Sergioloro/SamAlex Carthage36
Caruaru Brasil Modern flowing track   download
Casa de Campo     Sergioloro CasaDeCampo
CastleCombe England Ultra fast course   download
Chapultepec Mexico Fast City streets, beware of sidewalks ! RaulV/SamAlex download
Charade8906 France Modern but still very hilly and challenging track Kak/Franck55/SamAlex download
Chatham Fantaisie short fun Fantasy   download
Chernobyl NPP fictional circuit based around the Chernobyl NPP Reactor number 4 facility. by Rodrrico, converted by Wizard75 and Jalnervion Chernobyl NPP
Chikano Spain kart track in Murcia Jalnervion to be restored
City Fantaisie City streets with tunnels  ???/Neiln1 City
Clawhammer Fantaisie   ???/SamAlex author searched
Clermont65 (Charade 72) France Best track in the world according sir S. Moss Monkey Nuts/CWG download
ClermontCounty     ???/SamAlex author searched
Cleveland USA Airport track   download
Coast     ???/SamAlex Coast
Cognac France Airport track Sergioloro/CWG download
Croft England Quick track   download
Crystal Palace England Nice sceneries Motorfx download
Curitiba Brasil Real track in Parana state ???/SamAlex Author Waited
Dallas 84 USA F1 Track 1984 NerickSenna /  Birkuc Dallas83.rar
Darlington USA If you like true ovals I provide this one only   download
Daytona 6274 USA Roval   download
Daytona Beach USA partly sand, partly Oval   download
Daytona Rolex 24H USA Roval   download
Death Valley Fantasy/USA   DDawg/Jalnervion Death Valley
Denver USA City track   download
Dessauer67     ???/SamAlex author searched
Detroit - Belle Isle track USA Detroit - Belle Isle track (USA)   download
Detroit Streets USA Historic F1 Track   download
DiabloHill     ???/SamAlex author searched
Dijon (2tracks) France Historic F1 Track   download
DijonKart France   ???/SamAlex author searched
Djursland Ring Denmark Permanent Track Norup/SamAlex Djursland
Donington England Historic F1 Track   download
Donnybrooke Mi, USA Fastest road course in North America, built in 1963 NickDeFender Donnybrooke
Dragon Fantaisie Fantastic Roller Coaster ???/SamAlex author searched
Dubai United Emirates Modern track   download
East London South Africa   Jonathan Merry EastLondon
Eastern Creek Australia Modern track ??? Eastern Creek
Eastridge Fantaisie Permanent track BassGuy/SamAlex Eastridge
Edmonton Canada Airport track   download
Edmonton 67 Canada     Author Wanted
Edmonton 6883 Canada     download
Elintarha (Eltsu) Finland   Sergioloro/Lotkoe Elintarha (Eltsu)
Enna-Pergusa Italie lots of chicanes   download
Enna-Pergusa 6169 Italie Without chicanes   download
Estoril Portugal Historic F1 Track   download
Estoril8493 Portugal   ???/SamAlex author searched
Estoril9407 Portugal   ???/SamAlex author searched
Old Estoril 14 KM Beta 3c Portugal fictionnal from F1 Hero Showtimethemusic/Jalnervion Old Estoril 14 KM
EuroRing     ???/SamAlex author searched
Falkenberg Sweden Fast but small track   download
Fiorano Italie Ferrari's testplace   download
Fuji Japan     download
Gateway USA Roval   download
Gold Coast Australia Goldcoast 600 2012 1.00 by Zolee145 Zolee145 Gold Coast
Goldenport China Real track ???/SamAlex Author Waited
Goodwood England Very fast Track Motorfx download
Gotzenburg ???? supposed to be German? ???/SamAlex Gotzenburg
Grand_Valley Fantaisie Very nice and spectacular   download
Graveyard     ???/SamAlex author searched
Greyhound     ???/SamAlex author searched
HalleSaale67     ???/SamAlex author searched
Harewood England Hillclimb madcowie/SamAlex Harewood
Helsinki Finland Street track   download
Mexico Hermanos18601     ???/SamAlex author searched
Hidden Valley Australia Modern track   download
Hilltop Fantaisie Nice little track Strava/SamAlex Author wanted
Hilton     ???/SamAlex author searched
Hitchin Fantaisie based on UK Town, nice sceneries   download
Hockenheim32-37 Deutshland Historic Track Sergioloro Hockenheim3237
Hockenheim64-69 Deutshland Historic F2 Track CWG download
Hockenheim70-81 Deutshland Historic F1 Track CWG download
Hockenheim8291 Deutshland Historic F1 Track   download
Hockenheim-short DTM Deutshland DTM short track   download
Homestead     ???/SamAlex author searched
Houston Streets USA Street track   download
Huachalalume Chile Real track MrOblongo Huachalalume
Huachalalume short Chile Real track MrOblongo Huachalalume short
Hunwel Park Hungary Fiction Csepecz András Hunwel Park
Imola 1988 Italie Historic F1 Track   download
Indianapolis modern USA Historic F1 Track   download
Indianapolis Oval USA   arslanmtTR Indy_Oval
Indy 1960 Neiln 1 Indy 1960
Interlagos 40 to 89 Brasil Historic F1 Track Sergioloro download
Interlagos 9007 Brasil Historic F1 Track   download
Interlomas Chile located near the city of Temuco MrOblongo/Jalnervion Interlomas
InternationalKart     ???/SamAlex author searched
Iron Mountain Fantaisie Iron Mountain (Cross-country, AIW for 1 car only)   download
Isle of Man Great Britain Wonderful 60km TT layout please Jim allow me to share Jim Pearson/SamAlex permission asked
Istambul Turquie Historic F1 Track   download
Jacarepagua Brasil Historic F1 Track in Rio da Janeiro /readme incl. PK4ever Jacarepagua
Jamaica-Heartland Park Kansas,USA real Nascar road Track with "rasta" fantasy scenery Bill Tillman/SamAlex Jamaica
Jannakala Finland 11km fantasy track with 100 turns in small finnish roads, some bugs, but really enjoyable in private test Timo Nurmi/SamAlex Janakkala
Jarama Espana Historic F1 Track   download
Jarama 6790 Espana Historic F1 Track Motorfx download
Jerez Espana Historic F1 Track   download
Johor Malaysia Johor (Malaysia)   download
JopsSiffert67     ???/SamAlex author searched
Keimola Finland Road course in the country of lakes   Keimola
Kemora Finland Real track Jalo Viina /SamAlex Kemora
Kenton Fabtasy Figure of 8 Kart Track ASTG/LPC /SamAlex author no answer
Kinnekulle Sweden Kinnekulle (Sweden)   download
Knockhill Scotland Knockhill (Scotland)   download
Knutstorp Sweden Knutstorp (Sweden, new AIW)   download
Korea Korea Site of new Korean GP at Yeongam   download
Kyalami 6186 South Africa Historic F1 Track   download
Kyalami 8793 South Africa Historic F1 Track   download
LaConca     ???/SamAlex author searched
Laguna Seca 5887 USA Laguna Seca (Ca, USA)   download
Laguna Seca Modern USA Laguna Seca (Ca, USA)   download
Lakeside Australia Lakeside (Australie) JamesSowell/Andy55/BudLucas/SamAlex Lakeside
Las Vegas-Roval USA Las Vegas (Roval, not Caesar's, USA)   download
Lauro de Freitas Brazil Kart Track Adriano Agusto & Slimjim /SamAlex author no answer
Lausitzring Deutshland Lausitzring (2 tracks, Germany)   download
Lédenon France Hilly, winding & technical track in France by JP Bondurand PhilCout, Piaoo, TheSky Lédenon
Le Mans France Historic F1 Track   download
Le Mans - circuit Bugatti France Historic F1 Track   download
Le Mans 3267 France Circuit des 24 heures avant modernisation   download
Le Mans 9001 France Circuit des 24 h avec chicanes dans les Hunaudières   download
Le Mans0207     ???/SamAlex author searched
Le Mas du Clos France Private test track near Aubusson, very technical Piaoo, TheSky , PhilCout Le Mas du Clos
Leipzig Deutshland City Track ???/SamAlex author searched
Leonora Fantaisie Fantaisie, valloné et rapide   download
Lime Rock USA Road Track   download
LimerockMountain     ???/SamAlex author searched
Linkoping Sweden Road Track   download
Loch Rannoch Fantaisie very scottish lookingk Slider916/Cammel/SamAlex download
Long Beach 7681 USA Historic F1 Track   download
Long Beach 9298 USA Historic CART Track Strava/SamAlex Author Wanted
LongBeach 2000 to date USA City track   download
Losail Qatar Modern track converted by SamAlex Losail
Lusitana     ???/SamAlex author searched
Macao Macao/China Spectacular City Track Andrelotterer Macau
Magnificent Park Fantasy/France permanent track with crossover Haryseb/Jalnervion Magnificent Park
Magnycours 1991 France Historic F1 Track Mauro Traversa MagnyCours1991
Magny-Cours 9102 France Historic F1 Track   download
Magny-Cours old 6170 France Circuit Jean Behra Franck55/Algis download
Mallala Australia Road Track   Mallala
Mallory Park England Road Track   download
Mantorp Park Sweden Road Track   download
Maracaibo Venezuela Autódromo Los Parisi, south of Maracaibo, MrOblongo/Jalnervion Maracaibo
Mar del Plata 2013 Argentina Real track by Facundo Gaalella Mardel 2013
2012 Mars Mars Fantasy track Jalnervion 2012 Mars
Matsusaka Japan Kart Track Adriano Agusto and Slimjim/SamAlex Author Wanted
Metro Fantaisie City Track NYC-lookalike   download
Meus Vita Fantasy Hilly track between trees Liam Coggan and comadylover5/JALN Meus Vita
Mexico 0207 Mexico Hermanos Rodriguez (modern CART)   download
Mexico 6279 Mexico Historic F1 Track   download
Miami Bayfront USA Tourniquet sur le front de mer   download
Michelles Park Fantaisie Average   download
Michigan Road Course 6972 USA Michigan International Speedway roadcourse from 1969 IDT/Neiln1 Michigan69
Mid-America USA Road Track Porscheguy/Bud Lucas/Andy55/SamAlex download
Mid-Ohio USA Road Track   download
Milka and Baby Fantaisie/Peru Nice track very curvy, distinctive sceneray but bad AIW Franco FXP/Neiln1 MilkaBaby
Mills Fantaisie Permanent Track ???/SamAlex Author Wanted
Milwaukee USA Very short Oval, for overtaking buffs ??? download
Mine Japan Modern track   download
Misano Italie Road Track   download
Mo I Rana Norway Road Track   download
Moircy67     ???/SamAlex author searched
Mondello Ireland Real Track 25m from Dublin Simracer/Nagorni ???
Monsanto     Sergioloro Monsanto
Mont Fuji Japan Historic F1 Track   download
Mont Tremblant Canada Historic F1 Track Porscheguy/BudLucas/Andy55/SamAlex download
Monaco67 Neiln 1 Monaco67
Monteblanco Spain Monteblanco (Spain) by Equipo 7 Equipo 7 Monteblanco
Montecarlo 7385 Monaco Historic F1 Track Motorfx download
Montecarlo 9702 Monaco Historic F1 Track   download
1935 Montenero beta 2       1935 Montenero beta 2
Monterrey Mexico Road Track   download
Monthlery     ???/SamAlex download
Montjuich Spain Historic F1 Track GPL Montjuich Park Project Team Montjuich
Montréal 9607 Canada Historic F1 Track   download
Montreal 7886 Canada Historic F1 Track MotorFX/SamAlex Download
Monza 1960's Italie Monza 1960's by Philrob Philrob Monza 1960's
Monza 5571 Italie Historic F1 Track   download
Monza 7684 Italie Historic F1 Track MotorFx download
Monza 9599 Italie Historic F1 Track   download
Monza Oval     Bubba Jones MonzaOval
Mosport 6190 Canada Historic F1 Track   download
Mosport74 Canada Historic F1 Track   download
Mosport-modern Canada avec paysage moderne   download
Mountain Sprint Fantaisie circuit a flanc de montagne Outrunner/SamAlex MountainSprint
Mugello Italie Road Track   download
Naples 50's Italie circuit for 1950S Champions mod v1: Jalnervion Naples 50's
Nepliget36 Hungary   Sergioloro/SamAlex Nepliget36
Nevaring 07 Russia près de St Petersburg MRT/SamAlex NevaRing07
Nevaring67 Russia près de St Petersburg MRT download
NewHampshire USA Speedway with infied near Loudon, NH ???/SamAlex NewHampshire
New Jersey 2013 Beta USA Tracks projected for future New York GP Jalnervion New Jersey 2013 Beta
Nivelles Belgique Historic F1 Track   download
Nogaro France Circuit Paul Armagnac Franck55/Algis download
Nordshleife (1975 version) Deutshland Historic F1 Track   download
Nordshleife (The Mother version) Deutshland Historic F1 Track   download
Nordshleife 6782 (Le Mans Start) Deutshland Le Mans Start   download
Norisring Deutshland City Track   download
North Point Fantaisie Cicuit varié et interessant   download
Northern Fantaisie 2 versions   download
NuerburgVillage     ???/SamAlex author searched
Nurburgring Deutshland le circuit des GP d'Europe   download
Nurburgring-Short Deutshland Short DTM track   download
Oldring Fantaisie Set in Italian mountain scenery Uitko/Gundam/Nagorni download
Ontario (Ca), Usa home of 1971 non Championship Questor GP Jalnervion Ontario (Ca),
Opatija Croatia Historic track made Sergioloro download
Oran Park Australia funny 8-shaped road track   download
Orchard Lake USA Oval+Inland ???/SamAlex Author Wanted
Oscherslebenring Deutshland 2 versions   download
Osterreichring Austria Historic F1 Track   download
Osterreichring 7795 Austria Historic F1 Track GPC/SamAlex download
Oulton Park England hosted a non-championship F1   download
Ovaloide     ???/SamAlex author searched
Pace Park Fantaisie very entertaining   download
Pannonia Ring Hungary Real Permanent Track HPK/SamAlex Pannonia Ring
Paris à 300 KM/H France Track imagined by Jean Graton for Michel Vaillant comics M&S Glapa/TheSky Paris à 300 KM/H
Pau67 France Historic F2 Track   download
Paul Ricard long France My childhood track and Historic F1 Track   Download
Paul Ricard short France Historic F1 Track   download
1951 Pedralbes     by JALNERVION 1951 Pedralbes
1954 Pedralbes by JALNERVION 1954 Pedralbes
Pedro Corfino Guatemala 2400m only track of the country MrOblongo/Jalnervion Pedro Corfino
Pembrey Banger/SamAlex author searched
1957 Pescara  by Neiln 1 Pescara 
Pergusa 6169       download
Phakisa South Africa Modern track ???/SamAlex Author Wanted
Philips Island Australia Road Track   download
Phoenix Roval USA Roval   download
Phoenix Streets USA Street track   Phoenixstreet
Phoenix 91 USA FI Track 1991 ???/Birkuc Phoenix91.rar
Pigue Argentina Real Permanent Track ???/SamAlex Author Wanted
Pike's Peak USA Semi-fantasy Dirt Hillclimb, with back road to allow several laps   download
Pinevale 1.10 NW England Fictional British track on real disused airfield R. Soul Pinevale 1.10
Pittsburgh USA Kart track TTTT/SamAlex Author Wanted
Pocono Pa, USA Roval ???/SamAlex download
PontEveque     ???/SamAlex author searched
Portland USA Road Track   download
Porto 58 Portugal Historic F1 track Sergioloro/SamAlex Download
Porto58 Neiln1 Porto58 by Neiln 1
Puebla Mexico Roval ???/SamAlex Author Wanted
Pukekohe New Zealand Road Track   download
Qatar (day) Qatar   by Gf1-87 Qatar (day)
Queensland Australia very simplistic track   download
Quinn ???? supposed to be British ???/SamAlex Author Wanted
Raleigh USA 3 layouts, oval and 8-shaped ???/SamAlex Raleigh
Rattlesnake Point Fantaisie not to be confused with real US track ???/SamAlex Author Wanted
Reims France Fast Historic F1 track in Champagne CWG download
River Road Fantaisie   James Burroughs/SamAlex Author Waited
Riverside 5974 USA lovely californian track   download
Riverside USA lovely californian track   download
Road America USA aka Elkhart Lake   download
Road Atlanta USA Georgia   download
Rockingham England Roval   download
RockIsland     ???/SamAlex author searched
Roebling Ga, USA Real Permanent Track JamesSowell/Andy55/BudLucas/SamAlex Roebling
Roskilde Ring 62 Denmark Real track Anton Norup Sørensen/SamAlex Roskilde Ring 62
Rouen France open roads track   download
Rufforth + fix Great Britain fictionnal recreation of 1959 airfield circuit Rodrrico/Jalnervion Rufforth + fix
Sachsenring Deutshland Roval   download
Sachsenring 2772     ???/SamAlex author searched
Sachsenring 0307     ???/SamAlex author searched
Sakhir Bahrein modern track   download
Salzburg Austria Road Track   download
San Jerónimo Mexico, Zacatecas Real track MrOblongo San Jerónimo
San Luis Mexico Real Permanent Track Raul Valenzual//SamAlex SanLuis
Sandown Park Australia Road Track   download
Sardian Heights Fantaisie Narrow city tracks converted by SamAlex Sardian Heights
Sardian Park Fantaisie Short with fun bump   download
Schotten67     ???/SamAlex author searched
Sear's Point USA good roller coaster   download
Sear's Point short USA short version   download
Seattle Pacific USA simple but spectacular Ginetto download
Sebring 5566 USA Airport track   download
Sebring 6782 USA Airport track   download
Sebring Modern USA Airport track   download
Sepang Malaysia Modern track   download
Shangai China Modern track   download
2012 Shangai     by Team China 2012 Shangai
Shortwood Park ???? supposed to be american ????/SamAlex permission not given (yet?)
Silverstone 5274 England Historic F1 Track   download
Silverstone 7586 England Historic F1 Track   download
Silverstone 8790 England Historic F1 Track ????/SamAlex permission not given (yet?)
Singapore Singapore F1 Track 2008 ??? Singapore_Day.rar
Slot Park Fantaisie Fun track, good sceneries   download
Snetterton England fast track   download
Snetterton 5164     ???/SamAlex author searched
Solitude Deutshland Mythical track   Solitude (improved)
Spa 1960's Belgique Spa 1960's by Philrob Philrob Spa 1960's
Spa 5778 Belgique the real francorchamps challenge   download
Spa 8302 Belgique the prefered track of F1 drivers   download
St-Jovite (Mont-Tremblant) Canada Historic F1 Track   MontTremblant
Storck Fantaisie Fantaisie inachevée… Franco FXP/Neiln1 Storck
St-Petersburg USA Street track   download
Sugo Japan no chicane version   download
Summit Point 8289 Wv, USA Permanent track   SummitPoint8289
Summit Point Wv, USA Permanent track JamesSowell/Andy55/BudLucas/SamAlex SummitPoint
Surfers' Paradise1 Australia Street track   download
Surfers' Paradise2 Australia Street track   download
Suzuka Japan Historic F1 Track   download
Switzerland Fantaisie Very short Track   download
Symmons Australia Road Track   author no answer
Talladega6983 ???/SamAlex download
TargaFlorio67 Italia Mythical road track huge file use at own risk   TargaFlorio67
Taruma Brasil Road Track Rickylix87/SamAlex Taruma
Taupo New Zealand Road Track   download
Teretonga ???/SamAlex author searched
1923 Terramar     ???/Jalnervion 1923 Terramar
Thruxton England Road Track   download
Thunder Hill Ca, USA real Track JamesSowell/Andy55/BudLucas/SamAlex ThunderHill
Toban Fantaisie Road Track   no permission
Top Gear England Airfield track Mikec87/SamAlex TopGear
Toronto Canada city track   download
Townsville Australia Townsville 400 2012 1.00 by Zolee145 Zolee145 Townsville
Trois Rivières Canada city track   download
Tsukuba Japan Road Track MrDutchDevil/SamAlex download
Turagua Venezuela real track (3 layouts) Lito/SamAlex Turagua
Turin 55 Italy city track historic Ginetto Sergioloro/SamAlex turin1955
Vairano Italia Autodromo Riccardo Paletti Road track MBTeam/SamAlex Vairano
Valbray France Fictional Fred65 Valbray
Valencia Espana Road Track   download
Valencia Street 2008 Espana F1 2008 Street track Franco FXP Valencia_Street_Circuit
Vallelunga Italie Road Track   download
Vancouver (2 tracks) Canada city track   download
Vara Sweden Napf/SamAlex Author searched
Varano     ???/SamAlex author searched
Virginia (3 tracks) USA very entertaining course   download
Virtasalmi Finland Small Track Cammel/Slider916/SamAlex download
Wakefield Australia Road Track   Wakefield
Wanneroo Australia Road Track   download
Washington USA city track   download
Watkins Glen 4852 USA Historic F1 Track   download
Watkins Glen 6070 USA Historic F1 Track   download
Watkins Glen 6HR USA Historic F1 Track   download
Watkins Glen 7580 USA Historic F1 Track   download
Watkins Glen GP Modern USA Historic F1 Track   download
Watkins Glen IRL USA Historic F1 Track   download
Watkins Glen NASCAR USA Historic F1 Track   download
Whales ??? ??? ???/SamAlex author searched
Wiesbaden Germany City Track jschunke/??? Wiesbaden
Wiesbaden67 ???/SamAlex Wiesbaden67
Willow Springs Ca, USA Permanent track JamesSowell/Andy55/BudLucas/SamAlex WillowSprings
WillowPoint Fantaisie Permanent track JamesSowell/Andy55/BudLucas/SamAlex WillowPoint
Winton Australia Road Track Porscheguy/SamAlex download
Yahuarcocha Ecuador 3.5 km track MrOblongo/Jalnervion Yahuarcocha
Zaluzani Bosnie-Herzégovine near Banja Luka, through a military training center Rodrrico/Jalnervion Zaluzani
Zandvoort 4872 Nederland Historic F1 Track MrDutchDevil/SamAlex download
Zandvoort 7379 Nederland Historic F1 Track ???/SamAlex author searched
Zandvoort 9098 ???/SamAlex author searched
Zandvoort 9907 Nederland Historic F1 Track   download
Zeltweg Airport 5868 Austria Historic F1 Track   download
Zhuhai China modern track   download
Zolder 7585 Belgique Historic F1 Track ???/Motorfx Zolder75
Zolder modern Belgique Real Track   download

All of the tracks on my site are tuned to cope with F1-Seven.

That is :
- adds are those of the seventies where available.
- gdb files include the appropriate filters
- scn files may include path lines such as :SearchPath=CREWF1SEASONDATA\CIRCUITS\ADELAIDE1


  Here a short list of useful software and utilities from Ed_Straecker

MASStudio 2002 v1.42 (files2MAS and MAS2files utility included)


ZModeler v1.07 (but with converted files you can use any other 3D modeler you want):

MASexplorer v2.12 (to open and create the TEAM.MAS file):

from 99KB to 1.8MB maximum, all little files

Non F1-related

World Sportscar Championship

1965 GT and Sportscars
1970 WSC and Interserie part 1
1970 WSC and Interserie part 2
1967 WSC + 1964 Tour de France
CSGT CanAm Mod


Canam Carset by Neiln1

Argentinian Tourism Cars TC 2000

Argentinian Tracks from TC2000 Mod, shared by Jaimen

(These tracks have not been adapted to F1 Seven yet, there will be someday and displayed alongside the others, to use them, edit yourself the scn and gdb files)